It may be cooling down in Iraq, but we are still in need of donations to provide misters to units that will be facing high temperatures in the next few months. By donating now you can ensure our troops will be ready for the heat.

Bucky Josten serving in Iraq

Dear Sue McCormick,
Thanks so much for the personal misters sent to our squadron, Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 764, out of Edwards AFB, California. We have a large percentage of our Marines working in and around our helicopters. Since temperatures in Western Iraq routinely eclipse 115F, the personal misters have been a welcomed way to get a little relief from the barren and hot Iraqi climate. Our squadron flies the CH-46E Sea Knight helicopter. Since this particular helicopter began production over 40 years ago, there are no air conditioning systems to cool our aircrew down during a mission. It is wonderful to have another option to help keep our pilots, crew chiefs, gunners and maintainers focused on executing our mission here. Sending these remarkable coolers to our Marines also lets them know that people back in the States still care and think about us often.

Thanks for your generosity and support!
Semper Fi, LtCol "Bucky" Josten

11.15.05 Thank you to our lastest STAR Contributors:

Pulte Homes Employees collected $3500 to donate to Cool Our Troops. We can't thank you enough!

Sue McCormick receives donations from John Chadwick, President of Pulte Homes.

Patti Gutos
Patti and her co-workers have generously donated $1000. Thank you!

Thank you to our STAR Contributors who have donated time and funds to Cool Our Troops. Learn more about our Supporters and the services they provide.


Check out our Cool Troops at Talil AB!

Here's what he wrote: "Please pass this to your entire crew. We received the box of
misters just the other day. Thank you very much... People like you make this deployment
worth every minute. This crew, and the next, will be that much better off because of your efforts and support for our troops!"

From our soldiers:

I received all of the misty today and let me tell you the Marines of 4th AABN Mar Div thanks you for doing what you do for the troops that are in Iraq. We will get good use of our New Misty and keep cool here because of you. The temp here is any where from 100 to 120 and that means at least 140 to 160 inside of a AAV. I will be sending photo's of the troops using the Misters in a couple of days. Once again thank you for all your support

Sgt Atkins

Wow!!! It is amazing sometimes to think of how much support we have from wonderful people such as yourself and the thousands that have donated to worthy causes as your own. Operation: Cool Troops is a wonderful cause!... It is only through charities such as your own that we are able to get the things that make the average troop's life better on a day to day basis. My troops are by far the bravest and hardest working men that I have ever met and as there leader I spend many hours trying to make their tour more comfortable. People like you and those in your organization make my job easy by providing the support and dedication that these troops deserve.

I appreciate your offer to send 22 misters to my platoon. They will be very welcomed. I know that this may be asking a lot, but if there is any way possible, could you send 112 so that my entire company could recieve these misters? This would have a wonderful effect on the troops morale as well as provide a nice relief from the summer heat of Iraq. We are a combat engineer company that spends the majority of our time patroling the streets and villages in the area in and around Nasariyah. We actually are on the same basecamp and work side-by-side with an Arizona group...the 258th CSE. ...
Again, thank you so much for your kindness and support. It is a wonderful feeling to know that their are people like you caring for the welfare of the American Soldier. - U.S. Soldier

Please make your donations NOW so we can send Cool relief to these men and women. (click image to the right to enlarge)

more photos


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The DRIVE FOR 75!!!

So far we have distributed over 75,000 Misters to our troops. With your help we hope to distribute an additional 75,000 misters this year!

A soldier in Iraq shows us how a personal mister can really bring some joy!


I thank you all for the great sacrifice you are making on the behalf of this country, As the mother of a soldier, I also pray in solidarity with the families and loved ones of all of you for your safe and victorious return God Bless.

D.Adrianne Cullum and Family


Dear Troops,
As the proud mother of a soldier in the 325/82nd Air I send all of you my good thoughts, wishes and prayers. I pray daily for all of you! I pray for your families left to carry on state side without you. The opening days of school are soon upon us in the US...unfortunately many of those children spent their
summer vacation missing a loved one. Know that we support you and pray for you love to my son "Moose" in Afghanistan! Your wife and kids, and the new boo-boo due to join us in November are all doing well. We miss and love you....Love...Mom & Dad


August 25

Thanks!  What else is there to say.  Your sacrifices to protect our freedom is what honor is all about.  We pray for all of you and for your safe return to your families.
Danovich Family
Tempe, Arizona


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Some shade and a mister provide some relief.

Learn more about this photo and our very special friend, 1st. Sgt. Jobe. We met him early on in our project to 'Cool Our Troops' and he has been near and dear to our hearts and in our prayers. See more photos of him and learn how we met. more