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Which Microblading Style is Perfect for You?

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The most suitable eyebrow style for you greatly depends on your beauty standards. Ever since cosmetics have been utilized, eyebrows have undergone a wide range of desired trendy styles. From the late 90s and early 2000s, ultra-thin pluck brows look to the fuller looking eyebrow routine since the 2010s to the and more natural-looking brows this 2020s, some eyebrow trends seem to come and go.  

But some trends are remaining as ideal and trendy for eyebrows. For instance, a lot of women nowadays would agree that brows that are groomed to look fuller are more appealing compared to having unkempt brows. Moreover, most women now agree that natural shapes and fullness are ideal and are easier to maintain.  

What are the different microblade eyebrow styles? 

Listed below are the main style trends that most people love having for their eyebrows: 

Micro feathering 

The brow style is almost the same as the classic microblade style. However, this treatment’s goal is to feather in the pigment lightly just to create fuller-looking brows. Micro feathering is less about defining the brow’s arch and shade, and more about restoring the eyebrows’ natural appearance that’s been overplucked.   

Ombre Brows 

Powder brows, which are also known as ombre brows, can mimic the look of applying powder makeup on your brows. This style’s overall design is intended to give off light pigment within your brows, which will slowly get darker to the brow’s outer edges. This option is perfect for individuals who prefer enjoying both natural and fuller brows and eyebrow cosmetics or those who have moderate fullness.  


This style is specially intended to serve as permanent make-up. Microshading encompasses stroking dark pigment to eyebrows and make an arched and darker shape, mimicking the look of cosmetic eyebrows. Microshading is an ideal option for people who want to achieve groomed, dark, and full look and those with naturally sparse eyebrows. 

Classic Microblading 

This classic eyebrow procedure features multiple dark, high strokes that make the eyebrow pigment even deeper to make a fuller and more natural look than what can be made otherwise using cosmetics. The classic microblading is perfect for those individuals who prefer a darker and even shade to the pigment of their eyebrows without appearing as if you’ve applied makeup on them.  

What are the Advantages of Microblading? 

Microblading Clearfield is a treatment that offers several benefits. For instance, the fact that microblading could last for 2-3 years or so, it’s great for both your wallet and your time. Here are the other benefits you can have with this eyebrow treatment: 

  • Ultra-Safe 
  • Easier Cosmetic Application 
  • Semi-Permanent 
  • Natural-Looking 

A lot of people believe that there’s only one microbladed eyebrow style. However, just like what’s listed in this article, this service offers multiple styles and techniques that you can choose from. Though this treatment type only featured darkened brows, this treatment method has been more sophisticated and made the major eyebrow style trends. If you want to try and choose the ideal microblading for you, visit your favorite spa and beauty clinic today.  

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