Pets with Low Maintenance

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A lot of people get lonely sometimes and need some sort of comfort and someone or something to cuddle, having pets are one of the best solutions for that problem. Pets can give us many benefits, not just mental health benefits but also the physical health, they can help us reduce stress levels but they are hard to take care. In this article we will talk about pets with low maintenance because there are many pets out there that are a hassle to take care and big consumers of money. But sometimes we can’t take care of our pets, contacting a pet boarding is a great solution if ever you don’t know where you’re going to let your pet stay.

Pet Boarding

• Different kinds of Rodents

Hamster, gerbil and, mice are pets that are relatively easy to handle and to maintain, not only are they fun to take care of but they’re also cuddly and cute. Mice are quite energetic and are very friendly, gerbil are fun to watch and are very quick, while hamsters are really active although they are a sleeper during the day. In order to take care of your hamster, gerbil, and mice you will only need to feed them daily, have a proper cage to sleep, some toys and exercise wheels. If you’re looking for a pet that are energetic and fun and quite adorable to have with a low maintenance then hamsters, gerbils, and mice are the pets for you.

• Different kinds of Insects

Insects are quite unusual to have for a pet but they are also interesting to have and are as well low maintenance, insects like praying mantis, hissing cockroaches and crickets. Praying mantis are interesting and energetic insects, hissing cockroaches are quite unique and are quite energetic, and crickets are really jumpy and energetic, those insects are quite fun to watch. You need to give them a proper habitat for its kind and food to eat daily as it needs surviving, they need gentle care too as they are very small. So, if you’re one of those people who feel comfort by looking at insects and find their little sounds relaxing and low maintenance then this kind of animal is for you.

• Different kinds of Reptiles

Although underrated, reptiles are really interesting animals and quite fun to have, reptiles such as Scorpions, bearded dragons, geckos and terrapins are quite the pets to have in your home. Scorpions are not touchy but they are fascinating, bearded dragons are gentle pets and enjoy cuddles, geckos are calm and friendly, and terrapins are cute and fun to look at. You need only a place to keep it safe, a tank and proper food to eat depending on whether they are omnivore, carnivore, and herbivore or simply what they like. So, if you’re that type of person who likes animals that are fascinating to watch and take care of then reptiles like Scorpions, bearded dragons, geckos and terrapins are great.

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